About Us
BAOBAB INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT FOUNDATION a not for-profit and non-political organization. Established 2018 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Baobab International Support Foundation (BISF) was formed on the willingness of concerned professionals from different educational background and geo-political zones in Nigeria and Japan.

These professionals in one mind, are people of great intellectual property and in a view to deal with the present socio-economic problems in different villages and communities by means of good understanding and sharing the problems with each other and find best practices in solving the problems, through free discussion and people's participation in the decision making, under an umbrella as an Organization, then proposed to be registered as a legal entity.

Baobab in its constitution are permitted to have members and Board of Trustee to assist in the daily activities of the organization. And the founders of the foundation have considered and presented a blue print on how to develop a peaceful, cheerful and adorable environment, where “peace” is paramount. And models for better education assisted programs, health related services, providing good drinking water and agricultural services with particular focus on women, youth, children and the family. The foundation sees human potential in terms of committed effort, where each person, each family, each community and each Nation exists for one another and lives for the greater good. We see differences of race, religion, nationality and ideology are transcended under the vision.

Our services
We provide support, emergency aid, medical support, health services, clean drinking water, consulting, marketing representative, provide educational materials, food & agricultural services to rural communities & conflict areas…

What makes us special
Baobab International Support Foundation is unique in its own way, through energetic commitment to serve humanity with utmost humility. We are always ready to participate in National and personal assignments to achieve the set goals.

Business Value 
We engage in reputable business ventures as a means to generate funds in executing our proposed projects and programs. In such doing, we partner with other organizations, individuals and government agencies to build a strong network of professionals and solicit for potential investors.

Our Vision
To be nationally and globally recognized as a place where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive, high-impact organization grows and quality of talent is second to none.

Our Mission
To develop an innovation in technology, sustain human support and advocate for peaceful existence among communities.

We as an organization involve in creating Jobs, develop ideas, encourage young people fulfill their dreams and build a portfolio for women and empowering them, that is why, partnership among others is relevant and your contribution & being a partner is profitable, with particular focus on women, youth, children and the family, Invest now.

Target Audience
Our target audience is not limited to the following; Women, children, youth, girl child, community based organizations, community health workers and traditional / religious / community development association.

Strategies Adopted
Advocacy / Sensitization, Behavioral Change Communication, Home / Community Based Care, Youth Friendly Resource Centres, Training Peer Educators, Health Service Provision