MESSAGE from the President

Our committed personnel's gave us an advantage over all others. Most importantly, the effort's of our volunteer staff’s put the state of Baobab in the best position to succeed, not in 50 years, but now.

Our support’s core mission of ensuring food, clean drinking water, health services, gender equality, sustainable agriculture for Africa and beyond, is a plus and energizes  residents by operating a modest management system in achieving the best, which cannot be accomplished without adequate funding and legislative authorization.  

Other mission, from this standpoint, we must say, is our primary responsibility to keep the Nations’ families and businesses safe during Mother Nature’s harshest events.

Today, our responsibilities have expanded to improving water quality through projects that restore and protect the ecosystems. Our restoration initiatives are state of the art, requiring our members and partners to design, build and operate its projects. Baobab is designing and building projects that will provide the appropriate quality and quantity required.