MESSAGE from the Trustee / SECRETARY

Without question, balancing the organization’s multiple missions of delivering dependable food, water, health services and others, managing regional trade and supplies, thus, improving natural systems can be challenging.

Fortunately, these responsibilities also provide us with countless opportunities to make a lasting difference in the daily lives of the citizens and its visitors.

The next five years promise to be exciting ones, as we continue the ongoing work of operating and maintaining massive farms, water projects and other services. The key multi-year capital improvement projects include Investment in Agriculture and Water control system, and ensures that, we can continue to efficiently and effectively provide the required needs for the region. We have a stand to vastly improve the quality of water, agriculture, health and other kin services around, and we will continue to implement the framework of ecosystem restoration programs to restore, protect and preserve the resources to achieve quality requirements in the projects.

In addition, improving our services through projects, the organization remains a full partner on Investment and implementation of the Comprehensive Restoration Plan and Protection Program. These collaborations with foreign Investors, our Federal and State partners are testament to our shared vision for a restored Africa. As we make progress each year towards our long-term restoration initiatives, we are also realizing near-term strategies, such as our innovative dispersed management programs. We remain committed to sound science — the foundation of all successful restoration. With focused research and targeted monitoring, we can ensure that science consistently informs our decision making and supports priority restoration projects.

Lastly, we will continue to diversify portfolios and, at the same time, work to protect existing projects through conservation. Public-Private-Partnerships, along with enhanced coordination. As we look to the years ahead, I am fully confident that BAOBAB has the capability to successfully carry out our Governing Board’s strategic direction and to fulfill our mission responsibilities to the citizens we serve.